Enterprise hosting

Softinweb provides business-optimized hosting services, we have available different web hosting plans as well as fully maintained hosting plans, meaning that you do not need to hire an IT specialist; we maintain your web hosting, network or cloud for you.

Our hosting services are placed our own private cloud servers, we use dedicated servers with more than 2 CPU, Linux OS and SSD HDD to provide high availability services. Websites hosted on our servers are generally faster than others hosted in another provider. We do not offer shared hosting.

We also provide private email services for our customers, hosted on our network and accessed through SSL connections for maximum security. Our mail servers are 100% private.
We offers service of private cloud setup and fully maintain for your company, if you need to host applications online like Database Servers, Application Servers like Bitbucket, JIRA, JENKINS we can help you. For more information about our private cloud services contact us using the contact form page and we will get i touch with you to discuss your porject.

What is nice about our hosting services


Our hosting services offer advantages like

  • Hosts with fast speed
  • 24X7 softinweb service support sd.softinweb.net
  • Host optimized for web applications
  • Private email servers
  • Complete managed hosting available
  • Corporate hosting with Plesk web admin software
  • Corporate hosting with web applications including WordPress, Blogs, Tickets ..etc

Private email servers

One of the benefits of having a hosting with Softinweb is have your own private email server for your domain, you will be able to have your own domain company emails example: user@yourdomain.com.

Softinweb also provides SSL connection to our mail server, increasing your Company privacy.

Some of the internet providers block the smtp port, no problem! use the smtp SSL port to connect your client to our mail server.

Managed hosting

Complete managed hosting are available in Softinweb, with this service we maintain your web, email, database or application server. You just have to concentrate in run your business we manage your Company hosts and services for you.

Our network hosts vs others

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Our managed hosting plans

We deliver WordPress ready websites

All of our packages include WordPress content management software, except for designs with static content.

Social media integration

Our websites include social media integration by default. Link your website with your social media accounts.

CEO friendly

Our websites are fully optimized for CEO. You can customize the CEO content in each page.

Ready for retina screens

All of our websites includes high definition content compatible with any retina or high definition screen.